Ecological sensibilities guide everything that we do. We delight in blending nature, science and art. This invites the mixing of strong lines, bold features and colors. We create landscape designs by focusing on native plants, ecosystems and traditional landscape elements. We sight major features such as: driveways, homes, tennis courts, pools, ponds and wetland walks to maximize the existing natural features. It is often the transitions between the wild and the domestic that we find most interesting. Many times our ecological landscape designs combine more traditional features in the domestic zone with wild and edible landscaped areas. We highlight and design the beautiful interplay between landowner and land.


One of our specialties is ecosystem restoration. When restoring a historic garden or a forest ecosystem for a rare species; our team seeks to restore the landscape back to its splendor.  All ecological restorations have both a biological and an aesthetic component. Our portfolio includes both rare and common habitat restorations.


Private Residences

Historic Gardens

Forest Ecosystems


Ponds & Streams

Wildflower Meadows



We have extensive experience in designing community and school vegetable gardens. Using ancient techniques in concert with modern scientific methods we have been able to expand both the variety of produce as well as the length of the growing season. We offer organic food systems from vegetable gardens and berry patches to orchards. We design, install and maintain these food systems as well as offer these services a la carte. For the real edible enthusiasts, we delight in mixing edible plants into traditional garden borders. We also offer strategic planning and project development of sustainable food systems for schools, businesses and community centers.

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